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How to become a gas supplier in Denmark
Sidst opdateret 20. november 2015
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The liberalisation of the Danish natural gas market in 2004 has made it possible for everyone to set up as a gas supplier in Denmark.

To be allowed to supply gas in a Danish distribution area, a new gas supplier on the Danish natural gas market must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Gas supplier framework agreement with Energinet.dk:
    Energinet.dk uses a gas supplier framework agreement. The framework agreement and electronic template for base data in Energinet.dk’s register of players can be downloaded from Energinet.dk’s website. One month and 13 days before the month in which the gas supply may start, Energinet.dk must receive the base data as well as a signed copy of the framework agreement.
  2. Registration in the register of players:
    To be registered in the register of players a new gas supplier needs an EAN-GLN (European Article Number - Global Location Number). The numbers can be obtained from GS1 Denmark, tel. +45 39 27 85 27. For further details go to www.gs1.dk.
  3. The Rules for Gas Distribution:
    This document is a set of rules which together with the gas supplier agreement governs the gas supplier’s cooperation with the distribution company regarding the gas supplier’s supply of natural gas and the distribution company’s transport of natural gas through the distribution system to the consumers
  4. Gas supplier agreement with the distribution company:
    The gas supplier must have entered into a gas supplier agreement with the relevant distribution company and must have registered in and received approval of a player relationship for the consumer portfolio in question from the register of players. Please contact each distribution company for further information: DONG Distribution, HMN Naturgas, NGF Nature Energy Distribution and/or Aalborg Kommune, Gasforsyningen.
  5. EDI-communication:
    Communication between the gas supplier and the distribution company is made in the form of EDI-based communication.  If the gas supplier is unable or unwilling to manage systems for EDI-based communication, the gas supplier may ask a third party to undertake the EDI-based communication on its behalf.
  6. Player relationship with shipper:
    Shippers take care of delivery of the gas from the transmission system. Gas suppliers need to have a player relationship with a shipper in the Danish gas system to get the gas supply.

Please download the rules and relevant documents from the right column of this page.


The rules applying in the Danish transmission system are described in "Rules for Gas Transport". A complete set of rules is available from Energinet.dk's website: Rules for Gas Transport

These documents relate to steps 1-4 on this page:

  1. Framework agreement with Energinet.dk
  2. Registration form to the "Register of Players"
  3. Rules for Gas Distribution v2.0 as of 6th June 2012
  4. Gas Supplier Agreement
  5. Described on a separate page: EDI communication in the left side menu.